About CACI Facelift…

FACE LIFT OF THE STARS  is a Non Invasive & Non Surgical Procedure performed using CACI Technology.

“CACI” stands for: Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. The CACI treatment has over 20 years of medical research behind it and is a completely safe and painless process.  The original non-surgical face and body lifting treatment, was devised by Dr. Thomas Wing of the United States, CACI is now used the world over. Originally, the procedure was used to treat victims of Bell’s palsy and strokes, but it was noted that when treating the affected side of the face, it lifted the affected side higher than its unaffected counterpart. It was approximately 11 years ago when CACI first came to England and was referred to as a non-surgical face-lift.

Previously, the CACI system had only been used in the sports field, chiefly for muscular injuries. Carl Lewis, for instance, endorses the treatment, and so does the Canadian Olympic Team.  CACI applications are also widely used in hospital burn units such as the Wellington Hospital, North London and by many physiotherapists for pain relief.

Contraindications to the CACI Treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Pace Maker
  • Active Cancer
  • Recent Botox (less than 3 months old).
  • Skin Rashes/Fungus (Unless with a doctor’s note).

Preparing for your first appointment:

CACI is a sub-sensory treatment, meaning that you shouldn’t feel anything during your first session. However we noticed that when people wear jewlery they tend to feel it more, as jewlery draws the current to it, so for your comfort minimize or eliminate jewlery. Also for faster service minimize or eliminate make-up and any eye-brow liner. Also for men please make sure you shave prior to your treatment.

For clients who have had botox done in one or two areas (like the forehead and crowsfeet near the eyes) please be advised the technician will have to work around those areas. If you have had botox in more than two areas and it has been less than 3 months ago, please be advised appointment may have to be resheduled until the three months have passed. Botox paralyzes the muscles, while micro-current stimulates and re-educates the muscles. If the muscles are paralyzed they will not respond to the micro-current, which could prevent the benefits of CACI treatments. CACI can give the face a more natural enhanced appearance, as proven by the celebrities and hundreds of people favoring it over  cosmetic surgeries, fillers and injections.


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Before you book your appointment please read our Cancellation Policy below:


Clients who do not honor their appointments may be charged a cancellation fee as follows

We understand that special circumstances are unavoidable and a cancellation may be necessary. If you find yourself unable to keep an appointment, we request at least 48 hours notice for first appointments and 24 hours for any follow up appointments. This will allow us to schedule customers that are on our waiting list.


To cancel your appointment please email us at info@caciclub.com, with the word cancel in the subject line. If you do call us to cancel and you leave a voice mail please make sure to mention that it is to cancel, othwise the phone call will not be honored for cancellations.

For no shows and late cancels a 50% charge will be applied to your account.

*If you are booking with a coupon or special offer and do not give proper notice or are a no show, your coupon/special offer will be invalidated and rendered unusable.

Your First Appointment

Step 1. Meet and Greet:

Once you arrive at Face Lift of The Stars, our front desk will greet you and ask you to fill out a Consutlation form and a facial chart. The Consultation form  is where you record any medical history, past/present cosmetic procedures or facial treatments and other physical conditions we should be made aware of. On your facial chart is where you can simply circle the facial areas you are most concerend about and would like us to address during your CACI session. Your CACI therapist will greet you and review the Consultation form with you. She will inquire about the reason(s) you are coming in for a CACI non-surgical facelift, your current skin and facial contour condition and any specific areas you would like to address during your CACI treatment. Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. This will give you time to complete your paperwork and take a few minutes to relax and unwind. Also please note that if you arrive 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may have to reschedule so we give you a complete session.  

Step 2. Starting your CACI session:

Your CACI therapist will then take you to a peaceful, spa-like treatment room where a comfortable Facial treatment table dressed with a disposable crisp clean sheets awaits. A chair is provided for your use as well a table for your personal belongings. Your CACI therapist will then take a (Before) picture (optional) so you can easily see and compare your progress if you decide to go through a CACI course of treatments, the second ( After) picture is taken after your sixth CACI treatment. Some people like to talk during their CACI session. Some prefer to take a nap or simply relax without conversation. Do what feels best. We’ll follow your lead. All our CACI therapists are senior professionaly trained astheticians. This is your customized CACI session. If you have feedback on music, room temperature, lighting… let us know.

Step 3.During your session:

For your first session, your therapist will start by performing the CACI treatment on one half of your face first, she will then stop half way through the session to show you the side that was done so you can compare both sides, you  can decide to procceed and continue your session or you can choose to stop the session and get your money back. As with any cosmetic procedure, you will not see a dramatic facelift effect right from your first session, however, with CACI you should still see a visible difference in your facial tone and contour right from your first session. You can also request from your CACI therapist to either perform a regular CACI session (for a general facelift and wrinkle reduction) or focus on the specific parts of your face that you have requested. CACI treatments are sub sensory so it is a very relaxing treatment.

Step 4. Ending your CACI session:

Once your CACI session is complete, your therapist will take you back to the front area when you’re ready. CACI facelift sessions are 1-hour in length. Each session includes a 5 minute pre-interview and 5 minutes at the end for you to pre-book your next appointment and check out your renewed image. We look forward to seeing you for your first visit. If you have any questions about the CACI session, one of our friendly therpists is always happy to answer them for you.

Step 5. After Your CACI Session:

For best results following your CACI treatment we advise that you leave the product on your skin for at least two hours and also to drink plenty of water. There is NO downtime following your CACI session, a lot of people actually get their CACI treatment  prior to a wedding or a date evening so they can enhance their appearance.

“You have a party look to perky for… try a course of CACI facials to plump skin and diminish fine lines” – Actress Martine McCutcheon

How it works

CACI  uses a tiny microcurrent, which helps tone, lift and re-educate muscles and bring them back to their original position. Kinesiologists, or muscle specialists, have demonstrated that any muscle can be re-programmed to accept or release its tone.  The face has over thirty muscles that lie  directly below, and are connected to, the skin’s surface.  When muscles are stimulated they either contract (shorten) or expand (lengthen).  It is the direction of the stimulus that determines which reaction takes place and this will be dictated by the positioning of the CACI probes over the muscles. In either case, proper firmness is re-established through the non-surgical procedure by correcting the sagging muscle, correcting the sag of the skin.  The treatment also stimulates blood circulation, which helps improve muscle tone and counteract dryness. CACI also works on improving skin tissue including conditions like acne scarring, blemishes, sun-damaged skin, dry, dehydrated skin, and problematic oily skin. It also softens lines and wrinkles and works to generally improve skin’s overall texture and tone.



What else you should know about CACI

CACI works in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field. The body works from electrical impulses and the impulses provided by micro-mode, one of the modes available in the CACI machine, are very  similar. The current, therefore, is virtually sub-sensory.  Meaning, the client feels very little if  anything at all.  There is no visible muscle contraction, triggering a quick, effective response from skin and muscle tissue to this unique type of stimulation. Treatments are generally run as a course, averaging between 10 and 15 treatments, where number and frequency are determined by the client’s initial skin and muscle condition. While some clients will require more sessions, others will not need as many. Again, this is a factor of skin tissue and muscle tone and, ironically, is not determined by age. On completion of one course, a second course is not imperative, providing that the client returns for a booster/maintenance treatment, once a month or less. The long term effects of stress eventually manifest themselves on the body, usually appearing on the face first, causing degeneration and sagging. Telltale signs include dry skin, blotches of discoloration, loss of muscle tone, sagging cheeks and jowls, and an increase and deepening of wrinkles.

How CACI can help

CACI was designed to retard signs of ageing, keep skin youthful and glowing, and tone facial muscles. Working on wrinkles and laughter lines, CACI firms up sags and bags and tightens the muscles that make up the face. It not only improves looks, but also relaxes clients. Results are visible after the very first session although a course of treatments are required for more permanent results Facial muscles act like small elastic bands under the skin. As we grow older, they lose their natural firmness and elasticity, causing facial skin to sag. This sagging becomes particularly noticeable in the mouth and chin areas, where even the slightest slackness has an undesirable effect on facial appearance. Treatment is designed to stimulate facial muscles, tightening them and increasing their firmness, and also working to restore natural contour. Due to the sensitivity of facial muscles, and the degree of exercise, facial improvement takes longer than improving the figure. The treatments improve lymphatic drainage of the face resulting in improvements in complexion and reduction of eye bags.  It can be used to soften scar tissue, lighten the color of the skin and reducing the size of enlarged pores.

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