CACI The Facelift of the Stars…

“You have a party look to perky for… try a course of CACI facials to plump skin and diminish fine lines”
– Actress Martine McCutcheon

3 Simple Steps to Success :

Step 1: Analyze your Skin

Careful skin analysis is an essential first step to insure  positive and lasting outcomes with CACI.

Using a facial scanning system, a technician can reveal bacteria and sebum, or analyze pore depth, wrinkles, and other issues.

It is the basis upon which the right CACI protocol and the recommended skin care will be determined.

Price: $49


Step 2: Customize your CACI

The facelift of the stars CACI treatment is designed to lift and tone the entire facial muscular structure.

However , it can be customized to address specific areas of concern that you might have.

Click below to choose from ultra eye lift,CACI lips or neck lift or simply to experience our signature collagen facial.

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Step 3:  Follow up with After Care

Follow up the CACI session with prescribed home care products to optimize your results and help ensure excellent long-term results.

Our FDA approved cosmeceutical product line is rich in Plant Stem Cells, Peptides and Antioxidants,  and Stem Cell 3D Complex.


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