CACI & Facial Enhancements

These are recommended facial treatment add-ons that may be booked with your basic CACI facial, and may or may not add some extra time to you basic CACI treatment.

If you want to maximize your non-surgical face lift results and enhance your experience, then check out the facial add-ons listed below.

Please note that all enhancements and services listed below do not require additional time if added to a CACI treatment or a one-hour facial.

Once your face is lifted with the CACI, you also want to make sure your neck is lifted too.

With the ultra neck lift and contour, you don’t just get the CACI lift with the stem cells, but you also get a skin tightening collagen mask especially designed for the neck area. Highly recommended treatment.

CACI protocol dictates that Ultra Neck Lift and Contour be available only after the 7th session.

USD 49 (members)
USD 69 (non-members)


Ultra eye lift & contour
Extended Microcurrent therapy targets the under-skin structures around the eyes for a lifted and toned appearance that is immediately noticeable and lasts for days.

In addition to our signature eye-lift , you also get a gold collagen mask to soften the under-eye wrinkles and fine lines.

This treatment can be incorporated within the CACI facial with no additional time or it could be done as a stand alone and takes 30 minutes.
Best Seller.

USD 49 (members)
USD 69 (non-members)


Aromatherapy scalp massage
Good for all skin types, this gentle yet results-oriented relaxing scalp massage uses natural botanicals and essential oils to balance the skin and enhance the mood. The treatment includes a choice of new self, energizing or relaxing pure aromatherapy oils blends.

USD 49 (members)
USD 69 (non-members)

Oz Brightening Facial
Excellent for dry or mature skin types, this concentrated dose of seven fruits acids,  designed specifically to compliment and complete the CACI non-surgical facelift. It is best known for its effects of repairing mature skin from sun damage and it also hydrates fine lines for visible results. The AHA product used during this facial has been featured on the Dr. Oz show as best anti aging product.

USD 125


The CACI lips treatment is ideal for what is called smokers lips, if you ever smoked and your lips are showing it, or if you want to smooth the area around the lips while at the same time plumping out your lips, then the CACI lips treatment is ideal.

A course of treatment is required for optimum results.

USD 49 (members)
USD 69 (non-members)


Our unique Signature Collagen Facial is by far one of our Best Sellers as works on the deeper layers of the skin to correct and rejuvenate the skin. It can also be customized to suit almost all skin types.

You can choose from hydrating , deep cleansing or anti-aging facial.
During your facial we will cleanse and tone your skin, then we will steam and /or apply warm towels to open up the skin pores then a collagen mask is applied to the skin and finally,we will massage and moisturize the face to finish your facial. Please note that this collagen facial does not include exfoliation.

This popular CACI facial is ideal as a preparation before starting a course of CACI treatments.


USD 99
USD 65 (second monthly treatment for members)


For best results with CACI non-surgical facelift,a 30% Glycolic peel is highly recommended.
The Resurfacing Glycolic Peel is also recommended by dermatologists for its remarkable skin renewal benefits.

Glycolic peels have the smallest molecular structure of the Alpha Hydroxyl Acid Peel group. These are lighter peels than chemical peels and are used as a preparation for CACI by dissolving the glue that holds the dead skin layer on the skin thus removing its damaged outer layers.
When the dead skin layer is removed, the stem cell serum used during CACI is better absorbed, and the skin is smooth and renewed.

USD 99
USD 65 (second monthly treatment for members)

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